CPU is the brain of the computer operating different components of the system to complete the user’s commands. The built-in processors come in all computing and smart devices like phones, computers, and other electronic devices with several essential features and controls to enhance the device’s usability. The tech-devoted team of Best Tech Review is here to explore several options, available in the market from AMD to Intel.

Best LGA 1151 CPU CPUs

Best LGA 1151 CPU

Before going into depth of discussion let us clarify what LGA 1151 is. The...

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Best AM3+ CPU of 2021 CPUs

Best AM3+ CPU of 2021

AMD is famous for giving top-notch hardware devices in the world of technology. AM3+...

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Best CPUs for RX 6900 XT CPUs

Best CPUs for RX 6900 XT

Gamers, Streamers, overclocking enthusiasts, and even professionals all love RX 6900 XT ( Amazon...

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Best CPU for RX 570 CPUs

Best CPU for RX 570

Radeon RX 570 ( Amazon ) is a modern and popular graphics card for...

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